• Drive your fleet earnings w/ FleetShare by +25%

    Benefit from our data-driven, end-to-end managed driver experience in your customized branding.

    • Web Landingpage

      Searchengine and conversion rate optimized landingpage

    • Appstore

      App store search optimized fully branded

    • Driver App

      Latest conversion rate optimized smartphone app for iOS and Android

    • Driver Support

      Quality driven 24/7 support contact channels

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Don't care w/ FleetCare

Our managed network of ServiceHeroes makes sure your fleet is always in its best shape and reduces your fleet's downtime costs by 80%.

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  • Release 90% overhead costs w/ FleetControl

    Have your adminstrative processes taken care of without your involvement

    • Vehicles

      Location, status and disposition adminstration

    • Access

      Keyless w/ Driver verification & rights management

    • Payments

      Price optimzation, billing and accounting handling

    • Claims

      Damage and infringement claims settlement